Superpope artwork appears near Vatican

Painting shows Pope Francis taking off into the air with a scarf bearing colours of his favourite Argentinian football team

Move over Superman, it's time for Superpope. In the same week that he became the first pontiff to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazinePope Francis has appeared in cartoon form on a building near the Vatican, his right fist clenched ahead of him in classic Superman style.

He is carrying a black briefcase bearing the word valores, Spanish for values, containing a scarf bearing the blue and red colours of his favourite Argentinian football team, San Lorenzo. The artwork, which has been pasted to the wall, is signed Maupal 2014.

Meanwhile, after the white doves of peace released in St. Peter's Square on Sunday were taken down by a passing crow and seagull, Pope Francis on Wednesday seemed to reconcile himself with his feathered friends, blessing and holding a green parrot named Amore.

Francis initially drove past Amore and his owner Francesco Lombardi, before turning back to take the bird on his finger for a few seconds. According to the bird's owner, Amore squawked "Papa", imitating the crowd's chant.

Since his inauguration in March 2013, Pope Francis has proved incredibly popular, vowing to eliminate corruption in the Vatican and bring the 1.2-billion-member Catholic church closer to the poor. In December last year he was named Time magazine's Person of the Year.

Source: TheGuardian