Fast, portable device for “on-the-go” cocaine testing

Testing for cocaine and other drugs usually involves two steps: a quick on-site prescreen, and then a more accurate confirmatory test at a distant laboratory. This process can take days or weeks—but that’s too long in many cases where public safety is at risk. Now, researchers report development of a backpack-sized device that can perform highly accurate and sensitive tests anywhere within 15 min. The study appears in Analytical Chemistry.


Researcher charged in major HIV vaccine fraud case

Responding to a major case of research misconduct, federal prosecutors are taking a rare step by charging a scientist with fraud after he admitted falsifying data while researching an HIV vaccine.


SpaceX satellite launch postponed for third time, until Tuesday

Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, postponed for a third time the launch of six commercial communication satellites from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, officials said on Sunday.


New Amazon phone makes it easy to buy stuff ... from Amazon

Amazon CEO debuts the 'Fire' smartphone


African firm is selling pepper-spray bullet firing drones

The Skunk drone can fire pepper spray, dye marker and solid plastic bullets.


Solar Impulse 2: Plane makes inaugural flight

A solar-powered plane that will be taken on a round-the-world journey in 2015 has made its inaugural flight.


Google building self-driving cars with no driver seat, steering wheels

Google Inc is building cars that don't have steering wheels, accelerator pedals or brake pedals, in an ambitious expansion of the Internet company's efforts to develop self-driving cars.


Phone makers look to emerging markets for growth

Here's the rub for companies: A good part of the key markets they serve already own smartphones and use them to connect various Internet services. How do you grow from there?


Palestinian women make strides in high-tech

Growing up in a traditional society, Abeer Abu Ghaith was often told a woman's future is in her husband's kitchen. Quietly, the 29-year-old proved everyone wrong.


Microsoft names Satya Nadella to replace Steve Ballmer

Technology giant Microsoft has announced that Satya Nadella will be its next chief executive.


Yahoo leads NSA-FBI account content data demands

Fresh disclosures about national security requests indicate that Yahoo was ordered to hand over content from more accounts than other tech firms during the first six months of 2013.


Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover looks to 'jump' sand dune

The Curiosity Mars rover is to try to drive over a one metre-high dune.


Facebook's 10th birthday: from college dorm to 1.23 billion users

What does the future look like? According to Facebook, exactly 10 years after the social network was created, the future is called Paper. But it's not quite as nostalgic as it sounds. This is the future where we write, film and share our stories via our mobile phones


Nintendo games not on smartphone

Nintendo will continue to focus on its hardware and software platforms and will not release its games on smartphones.

Google sells Motorola Mobility unit to Lenovo for $3bn

Google has sold struggling US mobile phone company Motorola Mobility to Chinese computer maker Lenovo for $2.91bn (£1.8bn), in a surprise move.

The Wellcome Trust's treasure trove of chemical images

Wellcome has made more than 100,000 images freely available, and it is the chemistry paraphernalia that catches my eye

Female genital mutilation affects a fifth of young girls in sub-Saharan Africa

Problems such as violence, child marriage and FGM are widespread across some of the poorest countries, Unicef says

Superpope artwork appears near Vatican

Painting shows Pope Francis taking off into the air with a scarf bearing colours of his favourite Argentinian football team

Angry Birds website hacked after NSA-GCHQ leaks

Video game developer Rovio has confirmed that hackers defaced its Angry Birds site with an image entitled Spying Birds, featuring an NSA logo.

Facebook revenue surges 63% on strong ad sales

Social networking giant Facebook has reported profits of $523m (£316m) and a 63% increase in revenue for the fourth quarter, beating expectations.

SpyEye bank account hack 'mastermind' pleads guilty

A Russian programmer accused of being the mastermind behind one of the most commonly used bank account hacking kits has pleaded guilty to a related charge in the US.

Netherlands court orders end to Pirate Bay ban

A Dutch court has told local internet service providers they can restore access to The Pirate Bay.

Rwanda's next education challenge: teacher training and employability

With primary school attendance at nearly 100%, Rwanda's education minister sets his sights on improving quality and tackling the country's high youth unemployment rates

One in four young people in developing countries unable to read, says UN

'Legacy of illiteracy' costing developing countries billions of dollars a year in wasted education funding, warns Unesco

China's internet vigilantes and the 'human flesh search engine

Last month a Chinese official in charge of internet surveillance gave notice that mobs of web users who turn on individuals and make their lives a misery will not be tolerated. In China it happens often and on a massive scale, earning the phenomenon the title of the "human flesh search engine".

Urthecast's UK-built cameras attached to outside of space station

Two British-built Earth-observation cameras have been successfully installed on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS)

Religious difference, not ideology, will fuel this century's epic battles

We must encourage education and tolerance if we are to bring about peace in the Middle East and the rest of the world

Dream Chaser mini-shuttle given 2016 launch date

The Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has set 1 November, 2016, for the debut flight of its space shuttle replacement.

Secret Google lab 'rewards staff for failure'

In a few unremarkable looking, red brick buildings off the main Google campus in Mountain View, California, is Google X, its secret laboratory - but there is no sign to tell you that you've arrived.

Indian students want international recognition, not UK working visas

The drop in Indian students in the UK is more than a policy issue, says Richard Everitt – universities must wise up