A WOAS Classic Member can access all information and knowledge present in the WOAS Library and can also share knowledge with other members, access the WOAS Academy and receive International Certifications from international universities (WOAS Partners). Classic members can also apply for scholarships sponsored by WOAS and participate in WOAS Contests and Congresses.

A Classic Member can apply online or be invited by another WOAS Member. The proposal to be a classic member will be analyzed by the WOAS Scientific Committee Board, which will decide if the application will be approved. To be a classic member, you will be asked to submit a mini CV and relevant work to be analyzed, as a proof of your scientific knowledge in a WOAS leading area.


A WOAS Gold Member is an expert in one of the WOAS leading areas or a specialist with certification from the WOAS Academy.

A WOAS Classic Member can be nominated a Gold Member by the WOAS Academy if he/she has developed relevant scientific work, relevant projects for human development or by winning a contest promoted by WOAS.

A Classic Member can also be a Gold Member with the submission and defense of an academic thesis which will be evaluated by the WOAS Academy or by a partner University of WOAS. The scientific work should reveal an innovative and relevant participation in thematic areas related with WOAS projects, and must be submitted to the approval of the WOAS Scientific Committee Board.

A Gold Member can access to all information and knowledge present in the WOAS Library and can also share knowledge with other members, access the WOAS Academy and receive International Certifications from international Universities (WOAS Partners).

A Gold Member can also apply for scholarships or be sponsored by WOAS and participate in WOAS Contests and Congresses.

Any Gold Member can also request WOAS Funds to support publication and distribution of scientific work (after the approval of the WOAS Scientific Committee Board). Can also be a member of the WOAS Scientific Committee Board and as a professor at the WOAS Academy.


Only a Gold Member can become a Platinum Member.

A Platinum Member is someone with a notable career in the WOAS organization. He can participate in the nomination of the Scientific Committee Board, in the definition of the WOAS Main Annual Programs, Project Management, Selection of Sponsored work, and so on.


An Institution Member is a special type of member of the WOAS organization, being a privileged partner in Research & Development and Consulting Areas Developed by the WOAS Academy, being directly involved on Certification and Training Courses.

An Institution Member can be also a WOAS Sponsor and can have access to all information and knowledge present in WOAS Library and participate in some WOAS Contests and Conferences.


A Government can be a WOAS Sponsor and/or a WOAS Partner. A WOAS Sponsor / Partner can access all information and knowledge present in WOAS Library and can request the collaboration of WOAS specialists to support projects related with the scientific areas identified as relevant for human development.



All members will become part of a top edge knowledge world network, with opportunities to:

  • Win the biannual WOAS awards

    From 2 in 2 years WOAS delivery the WOAS Awards, the WOAS CSR Career, the WOAS CRS Project, WOAS CRS Member, the WOAS CRS Donator and WOAS CRS World Contribution Certificates.
    The prize WOAS CSR Career is an award for recognition of a career, or scientific work, carried out either by individuals or institutions that contributed significantly to human development and a better world.
    The prize WOAS CRS Project aims to distinguish the best project submitted by a member of WOAS and chosen for development by WOAS of all the actions promoted by WOAS and in all categories of WOAS´s mission during the 2 previous years.
    The prize WOAS CRS Member is an award aimed at recognizing the actions, commitment, dedication and efforts of WOAS members to the development of WOAS and its programs.
    The award WOAS CRS Donator aims to recognize the entity or person who has contributed decisively with donations for the projects undertaken through WOAS by its social department, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
    The WOAS CRS World Contribution Certificates: Certificate of recognition awarded to all winners of competitions sponsored by WOAS and all those whose actions were crucial and contributed to the WOAS CRS allowing the carry out their actions around the world.

  • Be sponsored by WOAS

    Every year, WOAS will choose, after evaluating the works and projects, some members and projects to be sponsored in all WOAS main study areas.

  • Join WOAS Conferences for Free

    Each year WOAS will organize international conferences in different places of the world. Each conference will focus on one specific study area and it is an excellent chance for all the attendees to exchange the different understandings, cultures, research achievements and so on.
    The authors of the best works will have the opportunity to make their presentation, after evaluating and approbation by WOAS Academy.
    The inscription in the majority of events is free.

  • Participate in the WOAS Contests

    Each year, WOAS will organize contests in the main WOAS areas.
    All the WOAS members are welcome to participate in the contests.
    All contests will have prizes involved, and the best works may even be sponsored in the future.

  • Communicate and work together with high intelligent experts in your study field

    WOAS provides a platform for all the WOAS members to talk and share knowledge/contents easily.
    All our WOAS members are high level intelligence in a specific area, so, the talking between member’s values too much.

  • Receiving the WOAS Newsletter for free (softcopy).

    WOAS often publishes a newsletter with information & trends in the set of advanced studying areas, to ensure the WOAS members always stand on the top edge of the advanced technologies.

BEING A MEMBER (Rules and Workflow)

To become a member, the candidate can be invited by another WOAS Member or apply directly to become a member trough the WOAS website.

The candidate must fill in a form with his/her personal data, academic data (mini CV) and must submit relevant scientific work to be analyzed by WOAS Scientific Board. If the WOAS Membership Application is approved, the candidate will receive an email informing his application approval and will be asked to login and complete his membership process.

NOTE: to become a WOAS Classic Member there is an associated entry fee for of $100 (USD).

Gold and Platinum members have no fee associated, but they can contribute with donations to the WOAS Organization.

Payments must be processed with PayPal, Master Card or Visa.



Join WOAS and become part of a world organization that promotes a global network for advanced studies, congresses, content sharing, work publishing and funds to support a set of research areas and works.