The WORLD ORGANIZATION OF ADVANCED STUDY (WOAS) is an international organization whose main goal is to promote discoveries and scientific advances that benefit people and society and sponsor new patterns of knowledge in various important areas for a sustainable development of society.

If you belong to the WOAS community you can have access to a large number of advantages:

  • You can share knowledge and scientific documents with the community;
  • You can access to the WOAS knowledge library and its documents made available by other members;
  • You can participate in challenges and competitions sponsored by WOAS;
  • You can be sponsored by WOAS in developing projects and R&D that fit the mission of WOAS;
  • You can contribute with ideas and help to promote a better and fairer world;
  • You can participate in international conferences and events organized by WOAS;
  • You can be part of projects promoted by WOAS;
  • You can communicate and work together with high intelligent experts in your field study;
  • You can be internationally recognized through the WOAS awards;
  • Receive for free the WOAS Newsletters;


Join WOAS and become part of a world organization that promotes a global network for advanced studies, congresses, content sharing, work publishing and funds to support a set of research areas and works.